Anonymous asked:
Just stopping by your ask to let you know I think you are gorgeous

Things like this really makes me day. <3

Anonymous asked:
What are you thoughts on the bible? Do you believe its rules apply to today's world? #random

Honestly, (and I hope I don’t offend anyone, I accept everyone.)

It’s like a big story book to me.

I’m not doubting every passage btw.

Yes, the morals and beliefs are represented clearly for the most part,

and as a reference for what Christianity stands for,

The bible serves its purpose well.

But you are not going to tell me that MY god would damn perfectly upstanding people for finding love within their race.

Or that MY god would wish harm upon another because they don’t believe in him.

Or that MY god would ever intend for us to die by another man’s hand because we are simply different.

Humans are so lucky.

The extent of individuality we each can reach is endless.

And that is the problem.

Too many conflicting interpretations.

The bible itself is harmless.

Anonymous asked:
I don't know what to say to you. I miss as you know, I just wish you understood what I was trying to say. And I hope I didn't lose one of my few friends

…. If this is who I think,

I will always think of you as one of my most dearest friends.

We can pick right back up after months apart, and that says something.

Anonymous asked:
how old is your bf? he looks alot older than you.

28. Yeah, we’re 8 years apart. But, it works. Infact, my parents are 8 years apart as well, and met at 17 and 25 rather than 19 and 27. lol.

Anonymous asked:
You're really pretty

Thankyou. =)

Anonymous asked:
Is nude photography wrong and would you do nude modeling?

Of course not. The appropriateness (forgive me for the lack of a better word) of art is in the delivery, the intention, and interpretation. In other words, raunchiness lies within raunchy intent.

Anonymous asked:
you should be a model

Hey, if the “for fun” stuff I’m doing now gets noticed, I’d definitely ride that wave.

Anonymous asked:
Your a dope model. Keep pushing.

I appreciate that. The positive feed back only makes my hunger intensify.